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I Was over 600 Pounds My Journey and My Life

I had the doudamen gastro bypass and My Life story. Why I gain wieght.

How To Increase Bench Press - Over 600 Pounds!

http://www.maxbenchpress.info - Learn how to increase bench press and not just a little, but a lot. Watch as they bench press over 600 lbs then find…

toyota mini truck burn out with over 600 pounds of jbl stereo equipment

This is a short video of me installing dynomat and moving my infinity amplifier for my dash speakers and a burn out at the end with a toyota 22re…

Over 600 Pounds on The Bench Press?

Over 600 Pounds on The Bench Press? Watch this video now to see this amazing accomplishment. For an abs specialization routine, click below: http…

Teen Lifts Over 600 Pounds!

19 Year Old, Hunter Poole set four American Records for his age (19) and weightclass (260 plus) on Saturday November 20th 2010 in Dluth Georgia at…

Stroller Strides Coronado Lost Over 600 pounds!

Who knew that losing weight could be so much fun? Check out Stroller Strides Coronado where it's fitness for mom and fun for baby!

600 Pound Angry Mom!

Over the years, our family has revisited the lovable Sa-Ha and Donna time and time again, and now I share them with you. Poor Sa-ha!

Pressley is an animal

Wisconsin Fullback chris pressley squats the world and does it with ease, I would hate to go up aginst him. 6'1'' 260 last year at 19 years old.

How to Build a Coffin

At Nature's Casket, we've been building caskets, coffins, and urns since 2008, and shipping them throughout the United States. We primarily use blue…

Lion Vs Wiener Dog

This is an example to show the world that exotic animals are not that dangerous is raised in a professional setting with professional staff. These…

What is RaidTheBookie.com? (Matched Betting 100% Risk Free)

An introduction to https://raidthebookie.com and matched betting explained where we show our members a guaranteed risk free way of making over…

Barbell Back Squat Technique Tips

http://forestvance.com Barbell back squats ROCK for getting big and strong. For putting on RAPID mass – not just in the lower body, but on your…

Pearl Clark Community Garden 2014 Time-Lapse - City of Lawrence, Kansas

In its second year, Pearl Clark community garden grew over 600 pounds of produce donated to Just Food and the Lawrence Community Nursery School in…

Stan Efferding Bench Secrets

See how Mark Bell used DH protocols to lose 50 pounds of fat - http://dh.tl/MarkBell www.HowMuchYaBench.Net: Stan Efferding shares bench secrets and…

Ashley is a 23-year-old morbidly obese woman - My 600-lb Life returns to TLC

My 600-lb Life returns to TLC following the lives of eight people - each weighing over 600 pounds - through their year long journey as they…

Donovan Ford - 275kg (605lb) back squat for double

Donovan "accidentally" hitting old PR of over 600 pounds for double - thought he had loaded less weight "rookie mistake"

Supercharged Revving Rocks Car

Friend revving it up. That's what over 600 pounds of torque will do haha.

How we SMASHED hundreds of pounds of food.

See how we smashed over 600 pounds of food when we created Smash Your Food™ which is coming soon on the iPad. (see www.smashyourfood.com)

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